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Women and money: What needs to change?

Money & Life

With gender pay and super gaps coming up more often in the equality conversation, are we seeing meaningful change for women’s financial security and well-being or is there still a long way to go?

The main points are as follows:

  • Measuring to keep moving forward

  • Redefining relationships at home and work

  • A fresh perspective on finances

  • Support from experts and leaders

  • The drivers of change

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The Royal Commission verdict is out

Money and Life

The FPA is continuing in its work to deliver better consumer protections and improve professional and educational standards as highlighted in the final Royal Commission report handed down by Justice Kenneth Hayne.

The key recommendations for financial advice are as follows:

  • No more trailing commissions

  • Ongoing advice fees to be annually reviewed

  • Reducing commissions on life insurance

  • A new disciplinary system for financial planners

  • Quarterly reporting of misconduct concerns

  • A renewed commitment to the clients’ best interests

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Four ways to declutter your finances

Money & Life

Your home may be looking minimal and serene in 2019 thanks to author and TV host Marie Kondo. But could your finances do with some decluttering too? Find out how to go about it with our guide to simplifying your budget, bank accounts, super and debts.

The main points are as follows:

  • Less really is more

  • Budgeting based on your values

  • How many bank accounts?

  • Simplify your super

  • Do away with debt

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