Leave a legacy

If you have children or close family members you care about deeply, it's likely you've thought about how you might help them in the future.

This may include helping your children afford a deposit for a first home or even planning for their future inheritance of your estate.

Deciding on how to best leave a legacy for your family is often a challenging issue. You want to help but you also want to be responsible and encourage children to stand on their own two feet. A skilled and caring financial planner can help you work through the issues and emotions of an estate plan or gifting strategy.

At Prospero Financial Planning we can help you develop a thoughtful legacy plan to help you transfer your wealth or simply help your family through life's big challenges, including understanding the tax rules and legal issues of estate planning.

To start thinking about how you would like to leave a legacy, please contact our office on 03 9813 4244 for a confidential discussion about your wishes.

“Andrew is one of the most professional and ethical individuals I have had the pleasure to deal with. His commitment to and care for his clients’ success and well being is obvious and is central to everything Andrew does in his professional life. I would thoroughly recommend Andrew and Prospero as a great financial planning solution to anyone.”
— Phillip