Be smart with my super

Creating a wealthy life means taking advantage of all the opportunities the financial system provides, including tax effective strategies.

Superannuation continues to offer generous opportunities to grow your wealth and save for your future because it allows you to save at a lower rate than your marginal tax rate. And it's a wonderful discipline for savings as you can't withdraw the cash until you're closer to your retirement age.

Super is still largely misunderstood by the ordinary investor due to the complexity of laws, and there are harsh penalties if you don't understand the rules, such as exceeding the amount of super you can contribute in any year at the low 15% tax rate.

At Prospero Financial Planning we can help you maximise your savings through smart super strategies such as government co-contribution benefits, spouse co-contributions, salary sacrificing, and consolidating multiple super accounts.

To learn more about how to be smart with super please contact our office on 03 9813 4244.

“My sons are now grown up and I wanted to ease into retirement by only working three days a week. I needed help setting up super, so my accountant recommended that I speak to Andrew.”
— Sarah

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