Spend less, save more

Let me ask you a simple question.

How much money do you have leftover at the end of each payday?

If the answer is “None” or “Very little”, how do you feel about that? Frustrated, perhaps? You’re not alone. Many Australians suffer from “spend more than you earn” syndrome. Excessive lifestyle spending without a clear cash flow plan and discipline to save creates credit card debts which can mount and set an entrenched dependency on expensive debt.

Creating wealth starts with a very simple premise: Spend less than you earn and save the rest. It sounds trite but have you ever noticed how some of your friends (who might even earn less than you do) seem to save more?

At Prospero Financial Planning helping you understand your spending and saving patterns is fundamental to our work. Every new Prospero client will have a comprehensive cash flow plan as one of the cornerstones of their financial blueprint. We help you create a savings goal and repeatable saving behaviours and can coach you in reducing excessive spending and credit card usage to free up cash for creating wealth.

To learn more about how you can spend within your means and start to save reliably, please contact our office on 03 9813 4244 to have a private chat.

“I particularly like the way Andrew focuses on all areas of your life, a ‘holistic’ approach to money management, not just the monetary facts, but the way you live, in order to offer you the best advice on going forward.”
— Janelle

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