Judith and Keith

Judith and Keith

Keith and Judith

Taking things seriously

Keith and Judith first met with Andrew Collis in 2007, following a recommendation from their accountant. At the time, the couple were in their 50s and wanted to make the most of their super and ensure it was in the best possible shape before they retired.

Keith was working as an art director, while Judith was working in homewares and fashion. They both felt that they had limited financial knowledge.

"Whilst my super was ok, Keith was self-employed and needed to maximise what he had in place," Judith explained.

When the couple sat down with Andrew, he first advised them to roll over their super into a different fund that would better suit their needs.

He also suggested that they should protect the wealth they’d already accumulated by increasing their life, disability and trauma insurance. This would help ensure their daughter was financially protected in case one of them was injured, diagnosed with a serious illness or passed away.

"We’ve always been insured, but Andrew suggested that we get more cover for our needs," Judith said.

Building on the plan

Once Judith and Keith had the basics in place, Andrew also advised the couple on transition-to-retirement strategies that would help them make the most of their super.

Judith commented: "Andrew has given us options and suggestions so we can make informed choices with confidence."

The Aldriches have always been grateful for Andrew’s assistance and understanding throughout the advice process.

"Andrew’s a very direct, no-nonsense person, but he’s also kind and quite gentle with us," said Judith. "Thanks to Andrew’s help, getting prepared financially for retirement has been really good – and a lot easier than I thought it would be."

At the moment Judith still enjoys working part time, but she knows she’ll be seeking Andrew’s advice when she does decide to retire.

"As we get older and our needs change, Andrew will be very helpful," Judith said. "We have always found Andrew to be accessible, and his counsel to be wise and appropriate."


Gary and Michelle

Gary and Michelle

Gary and Michelle

Focusing on the future

Michelle and Gary first met with Andrew Collis in 2014, on a friend’s recommendation. With their children grown up, the couple were now starting to think seriously about the future.

Since Michelle was self-employed, she didn't have employer super contributions to count on, and she and Gary were worried that they wouldn’t have enough super to last their retirement. They were also concerned that their personal insurance cover was inadequate for their needs. In addition, Michelle had recently received an inheritance, but wasn't sure how best to invest it.

After reviewing their financial situation, Andrew developed a multi-faceted investment strategy that would help Michelle and Gary achieve their financial goals. During this process, the couple appreciated how Andrew listened to their concerns and communicated his advice clearly.

"We laid our life on the table with lots of discussion," Michelle said. "Andrew has a brilliant way of determining how to help you achieve your goals, from lifestyle to insurance to retirement."

Andrew advised Gary to consolidate his super in a single fund, and to boost his super savings further through salary sacrificing. For Michelle, Andrew recommended rolling over her super to a new provider and making an additional lump sum contribution. He also helped Michelle set up a diversified investment portfolio with her inheritance money.

Michelle commented: "Andrew has helped us manage and invest our money, and also guided us with our super so that we can maintain our lifestyle."

Prepared and protected

With Michelle and Gary’s finances now in order, Andrew focused on making sure their financial security will be protected if something happens to either of them.

Following Andrew’s advice, Michelle took out life insurance and Gary increased his life and disability cover. Andrew also recommended a trauma insurance policy for Gary, in addition to Gary’s existing income protection cover, so the couple will be protected financially if Gary ever faces a serious illness.

Andrew's advice has helped put Michelle and Gary on track for a happy and secure retirement. Their financial strategy also has the flexibility to be altered as their needs change, and they know Andrew will continue to keep a close eye on their finances.

"He's absolutely amazing and on the ball," Michelle said. "And whenever I get in touch with Andrew or his team, they always email or phone me back straight away."



An introduction to investing

Rosemary first met with Ross Kirkwood in 2000, following a recommendation from a family member. At the time, Rosemary was in her 20s and was planning to buy her own home. She decided to seek Ross’s advice on how she could use her money most effectively.

"Ross showed me how I could pay off my house quite quickly using investments strategies," Rosemary explained. "I didn’t go to him actively seeking investment advice, but that’s how things started."

After reviewing Rosemary’s financial situation, Ross advised her to use part of her capital for a house deposit, and invest the remaining amount in shares via managed funds. By following this approach, Rosemary would be able to pay off her home while building her wealth at the same time.

"Instead of putting all my money on the deposit, I used half of it to buy shares," said Rosemary. "As the shares increased in value, I’d sell off some of them to take a chunk off the mortgage."

Weathering the storm

As Rosemary was new to investing in the stock market, she had some initial concerns in the first year when the value of her shares dropped.

Rosemary commented: "Ross advised me to hang in there and explained that the value of the shares is only realised when I sell them. He really ingrained that into me. So I weathered that storm and sure enough, six months later the shares were worth more than they were originally."

Through that experience, Rosemary was more confident when the global financial crisis (GFC) hit in 2008. In fact, with Ross’s encouragement, she chose to take advantage of low share prices to build her portfolio even further.

Rosemary commented: "By going through the first mini crash in 2000, that was the proof I needed that Ross knew what he was doing. Then, by following Ross’s strategy through the GFC, I was able to pay off my mortgage two years later."

Ongoing guidance

As well as guiding Rosemary on her managed fund investments, Ross has also advised her on personal insurance and superannuation options, as part of her long-term financial plan. Whenever Rosemary has any questions about her strategy, she knows Ross will be able to give her the answers she needs.

"Ross explains everything really clearly and reiterates the really important points," she said. "This is important to me because I want to understand the mechanics behind the strategy."

Through savvy investing and with the support of her financial adviser, Rosemary now owns her home outright and is continuing to build her wealth for the future. During her financial advice journey, Rosemary has appreciated how Ross has not only given her sound guidance, but has also helped her increase her own financial knowledge.

"Ross is really sweet and caring, and what I like most about him is that he always educates you," she said. "The world needs more Rosses."



A smart financial plan

Despite raising her two sons alone, Sarah had managed to build a solid asset base throughout her working life. So in 2013, soon after she’d turned 60, Sarah first met with Andrew Collis to find out how she could use her wealth as effectively as possible to fund her upcoming retirement.

"My sons are now grown up and I wanted to ease into retirement by only working three days a week," Sarah explained. "I needed help setting up super, so my accountant recommended that I speak to Andrew."

Andrew suggested that Sarah consolidate all her super savings into a single wrap account and make an additional lump sum contribution to her super from other investments she’d accumulated. He also advised setting up an allocated pension from her super to supplement her income when she started working fewer hours.

Then, by putting extra money into super through salary sacrificing, Sarah would be able to make additional contributions to her nest egg and still have enough to cover her living expenses while she was still working.

"It’s worked really well, and has allowed me to cut back my hours while staying financially independent," said Sarah. "Andrew’s strategy to consolidate my super and then transition to retirement is exactly what I wanted to do."

Complete trust

As part of Sarah’s overall financial plan, Andrew advised her to keep a small balance in her industry super fund. This has allowed Sarah to take advantage of the cost-effective life, disability and income protection insurance that the fund offers, giving her extra peace of mind.

Sarah has been very happy with all of Andrew’s advice for securing her financial future. She’s also impressed at how approachable and efficient the team at Prospero Financial Planning have been during her financial advice journey.

Sarah commented: "I can ring them any time, there’s nothing that I can’t ask them. For instance, if I can’t remember how to access my account information on my super fund’s web page, I know I can give them a call and they’ll explain it to me."

All set for the next stage

Thanks to Andrew’s advice, Sarah knows she’s now in a good financial position to make her next move.

"I definitely want to retire before I turn 65," she said. "I’m going to take some long-service leave next year – before you jump into the water, put your toe in!"

But whatever the future holds, Sarah has comfort in knowing that Andrew is keeping a very close eye on her finances.

"As everyone knows, the economy can change very quickly," Sarah said. "But Andrew always explains everything clearly and I have complete trust in him. I now feel very comfortable about my financial situation."



“Andrew has provided me with financial advice over several years and from the outset, has taken the time to thoroughly understand my position and future goals. His recommendations have proven to be very successful and I have the security in knowing that someone is reviewing my progress (he picked up that a glitch in the system had meant my superannuation had been underpaid as soon as the statement was issued - something that both myself and my employer was unaware of and then proceeded to sort it out). Andrew touches base regularly to discuss my goals and our subsequent strategy which ensures it continues to best suit my needs. Thanks Andrew.”

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity



"Andrew is professional, accessible, trustworthy and explains everything I need to know in a clear and concise detail."

Female, aged 29, VIC


“Andrew Collis is a real find. Sure he knows his stuff, but he has this wonderful way of connecting that makes you feel entirely at ease with discussing all matters financial. I never thought it would be possible, but for the first time in my life, with Andrew I actually enjoy discussing and developing my finances.”

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity



"Have complete faith in work he does for me and have great trust in him."

Female, aged 29, VIC


“Andrew is one of the most professional and ethical individuals I have had the pleasure to deal with. His commitment to and care for his clients success and well being is obvious and is central to everything Andrew does in his professional life. I would thoroughly recommend Andrew and Prospero as a great financial planning solution to anyone.”



"He always advises me where and how my super is best invested and breaks it down so I can fully understand."

Male, aged 55, VIC


“Andrew is building a fine modern financial planning business where strategy and thoughtful advice are the driving values. Andrew has strong ethics and a considered approach to his professional work which separates him from the crowd. He's great for helping wealth accumulators understand their opportunities and issues. I think he'd also be effective in working with women as a market sector as he has a quiet, intelligent approach to his advice and values long term relationships.”



"He answers any queries and is proactive in contacting me about issues."

Female, aged 61, VIC


“Choosing someone to manage your finances is a daunting and difficult task; Andrew makes things seem so much clearer and offers detailed information and direction.

I particularly like the way Andrew focuses on all areas of your life, a 'holistic' approach to money management, not just the monetary facts, but the way you live, in order to offer you the best advice on going forward.

Andrew is a leader in his industry, his knowledge is abundant, yet he always manages to explain things in your language, ensuring that you understand what is happening with your money, at all times.

I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone looking for a financial planner that cares about you and your financial future.”

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity



"I have developed a strong and positive relationship with Andrew and value his advice and knowledge. He explains things clearly, even when the market is having a downturn. I feel that he wants me to succeed and be successful in both my business and have work/life balance."

Female, aged 47, VIC


“I have known Andrew Collis for over 10 years and would recommend him to anyone who wants high quality, professional Financial Advice. Andrew's knowledge and integrity is second-to-none.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity



"Proactive and knowledgeable."

Male, aged 41, VIC


“I have known Andrew for a number of years and have found his advice exemplarity. He has a through knowledge of his field and has always been proactive. I have recommended Andrew in the past to relative, friends and collegues and will continue to do so.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity



“Andrew has a wealth of knowledge & experience in the creation and implementation of a financial strategy for his clients, including myself & my wife! This can only be done by initially taking the time to really focus on the clients short and long term financial goals. Some of our goals were not really crystallised until we started to work with Andrew and it was only after his "client need analysis" process that we identified what was actually possible, through some careful planning & long term investing.

The highs & lows of the financial market are far too regular in the current global economy, and unless you either know what you are doing yourself, or you have a fantastic planner on your team of advisors, you can be caught up in the massive highs, but more so in the massive lows!

There are many people out there that call themselves a planner! But there is a huge difference in what makes a good planner, and Andrew certainly has these qualities.

I would not consider using another planner, and over the 5-6 years or so that I have known Andrew, I have been more than confident to introduce friends, work colleagues and my personal clients to him.

Very few people have good stories to tell about their planner or accountant - it seems that throughout the courting process, they are responsive, intuitive, on top of their game - then once you become a client, you are pushed to the back of the priority list. This is certainly not the case with Andrew.

If you are young and just starting out and you are unsure of which planner to use, always, always lean towards one that has experience.....it may be the difference between riding through the storm, or losing your house in years to come.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity



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