Australian growth will be constrained but here’s nine reasons why recession is unlikely

Dr Shane Oliver
Head of Investment Strategy and Economics and Chief Economist, AMP Capital

For some time our view has been a less upbeat on the Australian economy than the consensus and notably the RBA. The reasons were simple. The housing cycle has turned down and this is weighing on consumer spending. And this is at a time when the risks to the global economy have increased as the trade war threat has ramped up again. All at a time when high levels of underemployment are keeping a lid on wages growth and, along with technology and competition, inflation

But the gloom around the Australian economy seems to have gone over the top lately with all the talk around rate cuts adding to the sense of malaise and more and more talk about a recession being inevitable. There must be some positives around. And there are! So, to inject some balance into the debate around Australia here is a list of positives. They are partly why we don’t see Australia as being about to plunge into recession.

The key points are as follows:

  • Australia’s current accounts deficit has collapsed

  • The Australian Dollar helps stabilise the economy

  • The drag from falling mining investment is over

  • There is scope for extra fiscal stimulus

  • Infrastructure spending is booming

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