November 2017

The sun is shining and there is a buzz in the air with Christmas just around the corner. It’s often hard to focus on your financial goals with so many festivities going on – but November can herald the start of a pricey time of year. It could be a good opportunity to set a budget for yourself now for the holiday season, so you avoid a nasty surprise in the New Year.

You might also be thinking about that well-deserved break that is coming up, and even reflecting on the year that was. If you would like to talk about your priorities for next year and what you might need to do to keep on track, give us a call. As always, we can help you with a clear and realistic plan to help achieve your goals and dreams. To keep you informed and inspired, in this newsletter we take a look at how to be financially prepared this Christmas?, how would your life be affected if you had no income? and insuring inside or outside super.

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